Rational Man (Paperback)

Subtitle A Modern Interpretation of Aristotelian Ethics

By Henry Babcock Veatch

With a Preface and Annotated Bibliography by Douglas B. Rasmussen

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ISBN: 978-0-86597-393-0
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By Henry Babcock Veatch

With a Preface and Annotated Bibliography by Douglas B. Rasmussen

Publication Date 2003. 6 x 9. 202 pages.


Preface, annotated bibliography, foreword, analytical table of contents, index.

Table of Contents:

 Preface ix

Annotated Bibliography xix

Foreword xxiii

1. In Quest of Ethical Knowledge 1

2. The Examined Life:

Back to Socrates and Aristotle 25

3. Why Not Regard Morals and Ethics as

Simply an Art of Living? 50

4. Why Morals and Ethics Are Not Simply An Art of Living 68

5. Failure and Unhappiness:

Are They Our Own Responsibility? 85

6. Bad Luck and the Force of Circumstances

as the Causes of Failure 109

7. But What If God Is Dead? 129

8. Existentialism and the Claims of Irrational Man 148

Notes 161

Analytical Table of Contents 165

Index 169

Product Reviews

Rational Man was originally published in 1962, thirty years before "virtue-ethics" became philosophically fashionable. The Liberty Fund is to be commended for republishing Veatch’s prescient book.

Books & Culture

May/June 2004

"This work was originally published in 1962 (Indiana University Press) and is cited in Books for College Libraries; it is reprinted here with a new preface and annotated bibliography. Veatch’s influential reading of Aristotle’s ethics stresses the role of freedom and responsibility in human life and illustrates Aristotle’s theories with examples drawn from literature, especially the novels of Jane Austen. In the course of his argument, Veatch (1911–1999) considers a broad range of topics including Socrates’ challenge, the role of rationality, failure and unhappiness, moral luck, the death of God, and existentialism."

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August 2003

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